King Makers' Road

Continued... Day One in the Land of the Frost Giants

Eager for some action, the party pushes forward. They enter the next cave in the chain as they head south along the east wall of the crevasse. Entering it, they are faced with a choice of three different directions to head in. They decide to explore the tunnels from left to right.

Entering into the leftmost tunnel, Jarvan calls for some light. Som accompanies him, igniting his holy halo to guide the way. Unable to proceed without detection, the creatures in 7 are alerted to the presence of intruders. Realizing that the initiative is escaping them, Jarvan rushes in with Som following close behind.

The majority of the party enters into the cavern just in time to see a small band of Ice Trolls fleeing into the darkness. This sight is followed by low grumbling; a dire chorus emanating from beyond light’s reach. Before anyone has time to react, the beating of wings produces a squad of low-flying monsters. They are identified as half-white dragon ogres! Encircling the party, six of the flying terrors unleash cones of cold. Their frosty breath nearly takes down Som, who through heroic efforts manages to work past the pain.

The tide would turn quickly. The combined firepower of the group wipes out the beasts in less than 12 seconds.

With only the original Ice Trolls remaining, the party moves in for the kill. Som, newly proficient in Giantish, hears one of the trolls call out and beg for parley. Som passes this information on to Jarvan who grants parley to the Ice Troll leader. They seek only freedom and are willing to part with all their possessions to buy it. Extorted of coin, intel, arms and armour, Jarvan orders them released.

Still hungering for action, the group returns to the split in the path and choose to head down the center tunnel. The Ice Trolls have informed them that this tunnel leads to a cavern with several frost giant guards. Possessing actionable intelligence for the first time, the group makes an attempt at strategy. They hope to lure the giants to them, instead of charging in blindly like usual. The plan has limited success. The frost giant guards, already on high-alert, are very suspicious of the groups attempt at subterfuge.

Only one very cautious giant is coaxed out towards the group. He pays dearly for leaving his post. The party sends him back – blind, slashed and burned. Following the whimpering giant, the group bursts into cavern 9 and a great battle ensues. In the end, the giants’ weakness to fire proves fatal. Six of them are killed; two flee down an unexplored tunnel that leads to the west.

Game Recap for 1/20/2013



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