King Makers' Road

Dragin slaying. . . Sort of

Upon returning to Highfort, we stumbled across an unfortunate sight, the murdered body of a citizen of Highfort. The Lords and Lady of Highfort took it upon themselves to clean up this mess and went to the streets trying to figure out who could have done this. Splitting into two groups, Canim rohin and myself encountered a man that turned into a beast. This weretiger was a worthy opponent but soon fell to our powers. After the weretiger died we saw 2 others that fleed the city and left out into the wilderness.

The following day sounds of battle could be heard from the harbor so we decided to personally check on the problem and see what was wrong. Upon reaching the harbor we saw that a pirate ship (The ship we bought goods from the other day) was firing upon another ship. We boarded the other ship and met Shamus. Shamus was a rather charming and intimidating individual. looking as if he was half draconian we soon found out his main mission was to slay an evil dragon that was dwelling near by. After eating and introductions we departed, but before we departed we offered our services to Shamus if there was anything we could do. Shamus came to High Fort the next day and said that if we were interested we could help him by trying to slay the younger child dragon that was also dwelling. After deliberating on whether to take this quest or pursuit the weretigers we came to the conclusion it might be better to take our efforts to the dragons. We geared up and left with Shamus and his companions.

After traveling a short distance we reached the area where the dragons were located, our parties seperated here, Ours to confront the baby dragon and Shamus’ to confront the adult dragon. Before leaving Canim had the presence of mind to cast his locate spell on one of Shamus’ men. Upon reaching the dragon we found that it was sleeping and thus, formed a plan. J4 initiated the battle by flying at it and smiting it dropping amazing damage. After the initial attack the rest went by fairly smoothly and we defeated the dragon.

The dragon fell out of the sky and Nidalee J4 and the druid took off after the dragon carcass, while me and my elven brothers curiosities were peaked by what the dragon could be hiding. We proceeded to climb atop the mountain and discovered a small tunnel that spiraled down inside the mountain. After entering the pitch black area we cast a few spells and prepared to enter.



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