King Makers' Road

Politics, Bureaucrats and Vampires

We received a strange invitation from Lord somethingrather to attend a dinner and a hunt on gold embossed paper. After some looking into the Lord we found out a few things. Jarvan, Canum, and Kizan went to the Temple to Torm and talked with the high priest there. He was able to tell us more about the political unrest and how Lord somethingrather is a rather newly appointed (by the insurgents not the royal family). Rialty went to taverns and asked around town for more information and apparently found out the location of the mansion and went to investigate. After our search for information we decided to accept. After a bit of shopping the group (minus Kizane, Asher and Rialty) went to the Lord’s mansion. We were welcomed by a servant and ushered to an outside table encircled by braziers. Canum had the insight to “use the restroom” to check out a bit about our host. He was ushered upstairs and noticed that the house was a bit peculiar for a Lord. He also sent a message to Rialty, which turned out to be quite ingenious. It gave us our first hint of foul play, by the response “kill Preslin.” After a rather uneventful dinner, besides Jarvan being the usual loudmouth he is, we were asked for a drink while the “hunt” was prepared. We were served wine, in silver cups, the Lord in a gold cup. Apparently Jarvan was the only person stupid enough (or confident enough in his opinion) to drink the wine. He knew something was amiss but did not know what. But when the Lord slouched onto the floor and everyone felt a strange aura the “hunt” was on and we were the prey. Jarvan sensed evil in the room and checked the Lord. Grim attacked a large vase in one of the corners of the room and out came a deformed zombie creature. While this happened the Lord vaporized into white dust. We were able to quickly dispatch it and started on another vase when another noble came into the room hearing the ruckus. A flash of magic overcame Grim and in an instant became their pawn. The command was given to “kill the paladin.” At that moment the Lord reformed and attacked. Jarvan smited the newcomer immediately while Nidalee and Canum finished off the other zombie. Grim hacked at Jarvan dealing massive damage. Canum and Nidalee changed targets to the other noble and seemingly vanquished him as he turned to a white dust. We realized that he was a vampire at that moment. Knowing he was not dead we turned to the Lord. The Lord had been slapping Canum and dealing more damage than expected all the while Grim was demolishing Jarvan. Canum poured what seemed like 50 gallons of water onto the Lord which weakened him greatly. All the while Rialty showed up and grabbed Nidalee (hence the lack of arrows) and pulled her into the adjacent room locking the door seemingly to protect her. Jarvan charged and smited the Lord back into the white powder and both of the powders escaped up the chimney. Canum went the door and shattered the lock to help Nidalee. Rialty was on top of her and told Canum to go upstairs to destroy the coffins. He for some reason ran the opposite direction the stairs which he had been up before. Jarvan was being overwhelmed by Grim and was forced to use an invisibility potion and pray he was not struck by Grim anymore. Torm was with him as he was able to drink another healing potion and escape to follow Canum. However before he is able to get far Canum came back out heading the correct direction to the stairs. We ran upstairs on the hunt to kill Preslin all the while thinking Rialty is helping Nidalle rather than turning her into a vampire…. Canum gets to the top first seeing Preslin newly healed. Jarvan is close behind still invisible as Rialty tells Grim that the paladin went up the stairs. Grim passes Jarvan somehow but soon hears him and swings wildly again. Jarvan sprinted up the stairs to help Canum finish off Preslin once more and turn him into dust. We are faced with 5 rooms to search for the coffins. Canum opens the closest door to find it uninteresting, Jarvan opens one and finds a what appears to be some sort of Dracolich restoring the Lord back to his previous state. To be continued.



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