King Makers' Road

Politics, Bureaucrats, and Vampires pt 2

After the incredible shrinking hallway act, the fight continued. Grim charged up the stairs and seeing a door open without aid assumed with was the invisible paladin. He charged to try to pass Canum but Canum held strong with the might of Alona at his back protecting Jarvan. Jarvan charged the vampire healer and smited with all his might (he overdid it a bit) and viciously murdered the healer again. All the while Kizane sees a pair of half drow half elf full vampires (not to his knowledge) climbing the side of the house. He keeps moving and makes his way through the kitchen (to Canum’s dismay) to the battle. They eventually got into the house and all kinds of vampire shenanigans unfolded with the rest of the party aloof. The Lord vampire that was just healed poofed into smoke and went through the chimney. Eventually Grim was able to break through Canum’s defenses and assault Jarvan. This time though it was time to deal with the dominated dwarf. Canum and Jarvan quite literally beat him with the broad site of sword and mace until knocked unconscious (where he remained for quite some time). Nidalee came into the hallway and with her insider knowledge told us to follow her, she went to the end of the hall and opened a door. Canum healed Jarvan a bit to sustain him while Kizane came up the stairs relaying the existence of the Lord and Preslin inside. He shot rays but missed. All the while any non-vampire is having the wisdom sucked out of them or at least trying to resist such (filling the DM’s action point surplus). Nidalee was inside and they shut the door once they saw the ranged capabilities of Kizane. However Jarvan was able to push the door in with ease revealing the foursome of vampires. He charged in and attacked the closest vampire but Preslin was waiting for him but luckily he was not able to hit Jarvan. The Lord was then struck by Kizane’s scorching rays as was incinerated back to dust and it fled to the adjacent room. However, a lot happened at once all between the Vampires. Preslin told Rialty to protect him and his coffin, along with telling Nidalee not to harm him or his coffin. Then Rialty told Nidalee to go find the Lords coffin which she did right after Rialty dominated Canum and told him to protect Nidalee. So Nidalee climbed through the window, Canum ran to the master bedroom to find the coffin while Jarvan and Kizane dealt with Preslin and his coffin. Jarvan turned the remaining two vampires away causing them to flee while Kizane went to work setting the coffin ablaze (along with the hallway). All the while Nidalee and Canum are able to destroy the bed to find the coffin and begin to burn it as well. It soon became apparent we burned the coffins but in the process began to burn down the house. Nidalee grabbed some dirt from Rialty’s coffin and we got out of the house as quick as possible after healing and tying up Grim. Kizane and Jarvan stayed at the mansion to be assured the vampires would not return to their coffins remains to come back to life which proved a smart idea. Nidalee, Rialty, Grim, and Canum headed back to the Manor for some much needed rest. By nightfall the next day the vampires were vanquished, the mansion was in ruin; we had two awaking vampires; and our friendly Grim back. We had a group talk to have with our new status. Rialty informed us about a drow uprising happening right below our feet. We were unsure of what path to take, finish the vampire uprising in Harrowdale, find our demon, or go figure out the drow uprising. Soon after the choice was made for us when Shamus flew to our rescue to warn us of the incoming town guard unit and we gathered our things and booked it to the back secret exit. The group (now apparently over our troubles with cliffs and water) was able to get to Shamus’ boat with relative ease. Jarvan walked to the boat along with a gaggle, flock, swarm or whatever the hell two bats and some birds are. Shamus arrived back on board and told us he would take us wherever we liked. We decided to go to uncover the drow uprising. We embarked on a new part of our journey and hopefully to a part of it which does not involve burning towns, mansions, or releasing demons.



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