King Makers' Road


You have secured the gold mine of Highfort and found treasure beyond your imagination. What you thought would be a simple task of ridding the mine of some undead denizens drug up from their ancient slumber turned out to be more than what the town miners had indicated. Yes, they had breached an unknown crypt in their pursuit of the gold vein but as you found, those undead were not an unpurposed horde. You came to find that they were the result of a powerful mage, Mordet the Favored, and her quest to call and raise some freakish horror from the bowels of hell itself.

Though Mordet was gone and seemingly unsuccessful in her quest, you still had to overcome her errant protector, a construct of human bones and flesh; a golem. You proved your mettle by overcoming both traps and golem but as you rest, healing your wounds, you are left with the thought, “what next?”



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