King Makers' Road

Running the town

After exiting the mining cave we proceeded to return to Highfort. Upon reaching Highfort many duties were to be handled.
-Deal with Goblins and their feud
-Help Jihad clear out the haunted temple
-Help Asher’s village (which we set out on first)

It seems as if the Paladin and Cleric have each started some type of following for their Gods and continue to meet with their followers. Rohnin was also appointed as spy for the town and rounded up some town people to help support him. Also, the group that is at war with the dark hand has agreed to somewhat of an alliance and will assist Rohnin in his duties.

One of the major holidays passed, but before that happened some jackass stabbed me. When searching the decapitated body we found a bounty for the heads of the new lords of Highfort; us. I was unaware that joining this group of people would be so painful ! We eventually found a villager that recognized the villain and told us he helped as a farmhand on occasion during the season.

I have not yet met this person, but the group speaks of an old hermit alchemist that lives outside the town. They returned some item to him and in return received plenty of versatile potions. It was discussed that Jarvan would later meet with this man and ask him to come back to the town now that the old Lord is gone.

A villager from Asher’s village came to Highfort seeking help. She alerted us that she had been gone for 1-2 months visiting relatives and that when she returned to the village all life was gone. She expressed that it seemed like people had been gone for upwards of a week. After hearing this we decided to set out and see what the dilemma was.

After setting out on horseback for Asher’s village we encountered savage beasts on our second day of traveling. The beasts were completely made of plants ! What a sight it was ! Never, in all of my travels have I came across such an interesting beast. It devoured beast and human as if it were but a tiny rabbit. Although they were beasts of colossal stature they stood no chance against the sound of my wooing voice. . . . oh and all the others within the party. We succeeded in taking down both beasts, but unfortunately we have lost Nidalee to the beasts. As I write, my companions work feverishly to see if there is any hope for Nidalee. We hope to cut her out of the beasts belly and see if there is anything that can be down. I am doubtful, but I hear my companions murmuring about a resurrection scroll. If they indeed have one then we will need Nidalee’s remains in order for us to proceed any further. I wish for the best, but fear the worst, the way that this beast devoured enemies was like none I have ever seen before. I can only imagine how this beasts stomach works.

If only that damn Drow didn’t go and get herself killed, I may have been able to gamble with her and win another Dagger !



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