King Makers' Road


After returning to Highfort and successfully resurrecting Nidalee, we again traveled to the town that had mysteriously disappeared. Upon entering the town we noticed, just as we had been told, that there were no signs of life anywhere. We proceeded to search the homes within the town and stumbled across something quite intriguing. A floating stick appeared and decided to attack us ! After being hit numerous times I decided I had had enough and decided to explore on my own. After leaving the home I had hoped I would be able to explore by myself but the untrusting Paladin decided to tale me to ensure that nothing was disturbed. With “J4” following closely behind I made my way a totem/temple across the way from the town.

“J4” and I entered the temple and my curiosity got the best of me yet again. Seeing a dark staircase leading up and up and up, I felt my curiosity push me towards the staircase to see what could potentially be up there. After climbing for a brief time I reached the top. Out in the open air I looked about to see if anything could be spotted. Luckily, Kanim had decided to follow me up the stairs without me noticing and alerted me that some unforeseen adversary was behind me. Letting my nerves get the best of me Kanim and I decided to quickly leave the area, but not before a gigantic spider creature appeared right before us. It quickly dug its ichor tipped teeth into Kanim and as quickly as it had appeared, it vanished. My curiosity rose again, but my fear suppressed my curiosity. Trying to leave as quickly as possible was what everyone had on their minds, but it may have not been the best strategy, cramped in such a tiny staircase pandamonium broke out amongst my companions and most of us stumbled and fell trying to retreat.

Once we reached the first floor of the temple we realized that we were in quite a perdicament. Thankfully, The rest of our group made their way to the temple, only to gaze upon ferocious spiders that could blink in and out of exsistence instantaneously. With our group in full force we proceeded to try to take on the spiders and seemed to be fighting a good fight. As the battle progressed something more sinister than the spiders showed up on the battlefield. With the ability to posses a persons body this foe had the nerve to posses Nidalee. (Now I cant complain, I was indeed glad that I was not possessed, but I am starting to think that Nidalee may be a cursed soul. Only days after dying and being resurrected she then receives more misfortune and is possessed)

Not fond of trying to harm our companion, but in a bind Kanim, Rohnin, “J4” and myself now looked at Nidalee as a temporary enemy. We tried to do our best to subdue Nidalee, but she quickly and gracefully eluded most of our assaults. With her excellent marksmanship and newly learned abilities dealing with magic we were having quite a difficult time dealing with her. Eventually, Nidalee fled the battlefield and returned to the temple. Taking a moment to catch our breathe we decided to pursuit Nidalee using our scroll of Windwalk. “J4” and Kanim quickly departed and flew with such amazing speed I could not follow them with my eyes. (how envious I was that they got to partake in such an exhilarating experience). When I finally met back up with the group Nidalee had been returned to her self and had in her possession an exquisite looking box. Nidalee proceeded to explain that the thing that possessed her took on a human form and had in its possession a box it took from the temple. Nidalee had tried to steal it from this person but was unsuccessful. Feeling compelled to try and see this interesting treasure, Nidalee and I tried to follow the man but only faintly saw him off in the distance. We knew that the man was some type of ghost and when Nidalee and I saw him walking away we saw that he had the form of a regular human, with that information, my knowledge of the box and the information “J4” got while speaking with the man we came to the conclusion that the stone inside the box must have possessed some type of wishing power. After coming to this conclusion we saw the presence of the people in the town through use of magic and made our final conclusion that the people of the town must have wished themselves invisible so that no harm would come to them.

Have finished our quest and figured out what was wrong with the town we know journey towards highfort and see what awaits our return.



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